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Home2Rome 2007: One way ticket on the nurburgring
25MB mp4
36MB divx
This is the first lap we did in the 320, at about 9am it was still damp enough to be interesting...which is why the video is missing the first few corners, sadly I didn't manage to get the camera on the screen before we span. With hindsight maybe Deans first wet lap should have been in something a little more user friendly!
106xsi, Llandow June 07
7MB divx
A couple of laps from a morning session at Llandow with the SW-CC in June 07. Llandow is a great little track, way more fun than the layout of the track suggests. More videos to follow when i find the other tape.
309 spin, Anglesey August 07
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4MB mp4
An ooops moment at Anglesey in August 07, cheers to Mark Dale for the video.
The Evo Triangle
8.5MB divx
We were passing so it made sense to take a quick detour via the evo triangle, not a great video as it was getting dark and drizzling a little, but worth a look if youve never driven it. Must go back when the weather is better!