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Home2Rome 2007

The Videos

The Preparation

Day 1, Calais to Montelimar
Day 2, Montelimar to Menton
Day 3, Menton to Venice
Day 4, Venice to Rome
Day 5, Scrapping Sharkey
Day 6, Florence
Day 7, Leaving Italy
Days 8-12, The Ring
Home2Rome 2007: Day 5, Scrapping Sharkey, the 635CSI, in Rome

We spent tuesday sorting out the scrapping of Sharkey, the morning was a frantic rush to sort out the recovery and load all our our stuff back into the car, as we'd emptied it in case it got towed in the night. Eventually it was all done so Tim and I sat around drinking expresso and waiting for the breakdown people while Dean caught a taxi to the other side of town to get the One Way Ticket. Gabrielle was our extremly enthusiastic driver, who we got on really well with (turned out we were both fluent in Point & Shout). As soon as we managed to translate Point & Shout into GPS co-ordinates we txt'd Dean the location of the scrappy and he met us their in the new 320 (Big thanks to Jon and the rest of the team for the replacement car).

Sharkey's final resting place, Im still tempted to fly out with a starter and a set of spanners!
While we were there, we found out where the scooters go to die.

Once we'd managed to cram the stuff from the 6 into the 320 we decided it was too late to see the sights of Rome and set off towards Florence, surprisingly everything just about fitted ok in the 320. The trip up to Florence was uneventful, thou I was disappointed that we didnt pass through the red-light district in rome again, as I had the camera ready this time! Once we got to the campsite, things got a little more interesting, as the car had been getting hotter and hotter as we went up the hill until we stopped and spotted the steam coming from the bonnet.

Home2Rome 2007: Day 6, Florence

As the 'Ticket was broken we decided it was fate's way of telling us to take it easy and have a lie-in after all the early starts on the rally! Once we'd crawled out of our tents, Tim got stuck in to fixing the 320 and spotted that the fan had rubbed a hole in the top hose. In true banger rally style we thought about a range of bodges and settled for calling the bmw dealer, who orderd the part in for the next day (BMW dealer in Florence has a lovely lady who speaks great english). As we were stuck in florence for a day, we headed into town and did the tourist bit...

I took about another 50 shots like this, but theyre mostly dull, florence is full of american tourists.
Apparently this is really famous.
After a few hours wandering around town it started tipping down really hard, so we went to the Irish bar.

Top Day 7, Leaving Italy