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The Videos

The Preparation

Day 1, Calais to Montelimar
Day 2, Montelimar to Menton
Day 3, Menton to Venice
Day 4, Venice to Rome
Day 5, Scrapping Sharkey
Day 6, Florence
Day 7, Leaving Italy
Days 8-12, The Ring
Day 1: Calais To Montelimar
19MB divx
The first day of Home2Rome, the long drive from Calais down to the Montelimar in the south of France.
Day 2: Montelimar to Menton
43MB divx
Going over the hills from Montelimar, through the Gorges du Verdon and down towards Monaco.
Day 3: Menton to Venice
18MB divx
The start of day 3, with a little bit of crossdressing, then the drive across northern Italy and a few photos from Venice.
Day 4-12: Venice to Rome, then back home again.
32MB divx
The crazy motorways and tunnels on the way down to Rome, then a bit of the drive back home again.